5 Tips for Creating Amazingly Effective Email

There are no second thoughts about the fact that e-mail marketing is one of the most cost effective, reliable and result-oriented strategy that is being used by the marketing strategists to enhance the target customer base of business houses. In fact, there has been considerable improvement in the attitude of prospective customers towards the well drafted e-mails reaching out to their inbox. These days people prefer to consider those e-mails which are well constructed and have the most appropriate content along with amazing e-mail templates. This enhances the appeal of well designed, and target oriented e-mails as these enable the business houses to encourage engagement on the part of the subscribers and help to send their messages in a more personalized manner.



5 Tips for Creating Amazingly Effective Mail

It’s relevant to make effective use of email marketing campaigns by taking care of the changes which are required to optimize its reach to your targeted client base. Let’s have a look:

  1. Powerful E-mail Content

It is certainly undeniable that the content of your emails plays the most crucial role in influencing your target audience by generating leads and can also nurture your leads into sales. For achieving this objective there is a need to focus on writing the well developed content which should be attractive, short and relevant. There is need to pay attention towards having the well constructed subject, with audio that can read out your message in your distinctive voice with amazing headings, and main content. The email should have a personalized approach towards your message as it would definitely attract the attention of your subscribers.

2. E-mails Should be Optimized on Mobile devices

Yes, it’s true that these days people are not accustomed to read your messages via traditional means. As there is dearth of time in a busy schedule so people prefer to read their mails on their mobiles and mobile devices. So, if your emails don’t get open easily on mobile phones and take that extra long time in downloading then this will surely turn away your prospective clients as they may be reading your mails while doing work at the office, or during commutation in public transport or enjoying with friends Therefore, if you really desire to optimize your email marketing then you surely need to work on getting them easily accessed through mobile devices.

3. Personalized E-mails are the Latest Trend

In the current scenario, it should be taken into account that if you really need to generate leads through aggressive e-mail marketing strategy, then you must opt for delivering the personalized e-mail content. The most specific reason for this factor is that when you are sending your e-mails to your prospective clients, then you are trying to establish long term valued relationship with them. For this there is need to adopt more personalized approach like you can send e-mails to your target clients by using their First Name which is quite an intelligent strategy to attract your prospective lead and generate maximum engagement.

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4. Effective Usage of E-mail Segmentation to Drive More leads

When you are trying to generate more leads via e-mail marketing strategies then you must make the optimal usage of email segmentation. This would help in getting more open and click rates. In fact, email segmentation would enable you to deliver your message to your specific target based audience, which is precisely narrowed down so as to avoid sending messages to irrelevant customer base. This would get you to reach to the inbox of those prospective clients, who can be converted into leads and furthermore to revenue. You can also go for A/B testing by using email segmentation and custom tailored email campaigns which are directing, providing information regarding what your clients precisely desire from you.


5. Effective Usage of Social Media

To enhance your appeal to an infinite number of people you must create sync between your email marketing strategies and social media platform. This would provide you the most extensive platform to utilize your email marketing to deliver your message to a targeted audience with powerful impact. But care should be taken to use both these mediums in sync with each other and avoid any kind of overlapping. You can also make effective use of triggered messages when the subscriber performs a specific task or when the prescribed date of the calendar is reached to send your messages to most potential leads.

Hence, you can optimize your emails by simply adhering to these 5 tips for creating amazingly effective mail.

leadpages conversions

How LeadPages helps in Conversion Tracking

LeadPages is the most holistic and intuitive lead generation platform on the internet today. They have only been around for a little over 2 years, but have taken the world of lead generation by storm. Their meteoric success can only be attributed to their keen sensibilities as entrepreneurs and software developers to hone in on the gaps in the technological market space and render a more user friendly and workable solution to existing deficiencies.

leadpages conversionsTheir simple yet robust software has more cool stuff in it than some CRM solutions in the market today and most definitely all lead generation platforms. An example of the “cool stuff” is the ability within LeadPages to sort different pages not only by their name but by their opt-in rate for conversions – no other platform possesses this functionality today. The way this works is kind of like the way Amazon sorts to give you a list of the “best” product bets in a particular category. While Amazon gives you the most popular products according to the number of sales, LeadPages gives those pages with the highest conversion rates in the business, so you can be confident that you’re on the right track!

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How to track conversion in LeadPages

Now, leaving aside sorting for the highest conversion rate, you might be wondering, how to track conversions in LeadPages? Well, guys, it is really very simple. To track conversions in LeadPages you simply have to create a ClickMeter account and the rest is a walk in the park:

Firstly, what you need to do is create a conversion code, which is easy enough; you simply click create and fill in the required info for that code, including the name you want to assign it etc.

Once you’re done, you copy the code snippet and paste it in HTML code of the ‘Thank you’ page pertaining to the purchase or your item and update it.

Next, you need to create a tracking link or pixel and associate with the conversion code you just created.

To create the link, simply select the ‘tracking link option’ from the ‘create new’ button and fill out the necessary information. In the Destination URL field*, fill in the URL that links to the page that displays your products. (For more details on the process and a video click here).

Once you have the conversion code and the tracking link, you simply go to the “Thank You’ page associated with your conversion process and click “Edit”.

Then you click on the LeadPages Options, select “Tracking Codes” and simply paste your conversion pixel in the box below Head-tag tracking code.

Now, you click “Done: and save the page.

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Pretty simple and straight forward, right? Once you’re through this simple process, all your pages in LeadPages can be tracked. To learn more about tracking conversions, you can visit Good luck!


why should we use Hashtags

How to Know Which Hashtags to Use in Your Social Media Posts

Whether you are a tech savvy or a novice, it’s relevant to understand the significance of using hashtags in your social media posts. The hashtags enable you to attract your target audience, considerably improve the visibility of your posts, gets more tweets and retweets along with enhancing the ease with which people can search your content, blogs, and posts in the social media. Therefore, it’s imperative to understand how to use which hashtags in your social media posts to generate more attention of your target audience and create brand awareness.

What is a Hashtag?

Before initiating the discussion regarding the accurate use of hashtags in your social media posts, it’s important to know what is a hashtag?

  • Hashtags are the phrases or words which are prefixed with symbol #. The hashtags are used before words or phrases which are being utilized in social media posts such as Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and Facebook. So these messages are being tagged by using # before them.
  • They are also termed as metadata tag.

Thumb Rule

For all those digital newbies, hashtags are used with prefixed sigh # called pound sign without any space, punctuation and any special character. For example #haveabreak is the tagline of Kitkat chocolate, which instantly connects you to millions of Kitkat community members who share their pictures and experiences while having Kitkat. It’s really an awesome marketing tool.

Why to Use a Hashtag?

Now the obvious question arises as to why to use a hashtag before a word or phrase in your social media posts. The reason being that using hashtags enhance visibility of your posts as according to the latest study conducted by Buddy Media the tweets with hashtags receive 2x more engagement as compared to those who go otherwise. While only 24% of tweets which can be measured using hashtags, but tweets which using more than 2 hashtags experience dropdown in their ratings.

how to use hashtags

The use of hashtags is relevant

  • To attract your target audiences
  • Organize your search
  • Create brand awareness
  • Improve visibility
  • Enhance easiness in getting your content searched
  • To be used as links to search queries
  • Can be effectively used for depicting a humorous situation

How to Choose Which Hashtags for Your Social Media Posts

Now come to the most intricate part of the whole idea of using accurate hashtags in your social media blogs or posts. For understanding this aspect of using hashtags there is need to have an insight into the marketing strategies which give an in-depth answer to use which hashtag for your posts or blogs on social networking sites. Let’s analyze it.

Brand Hashtags

why should we use Hashtags

Yes, it’s true that you can create your own brand hashtags for promoting your writing piece, product or services in social media networking sites. But it should be taken care of that these hashtags are relevant, precise and not too common otherwise these will get lost in the whole lot of the plethora of hashtags. So, the hashtag needs to be fresh, unique, short and attractive so as to target the precise audience with effectiveness.  You can create the hashtag of your company name, your brand, your logo or you can opt for certain tools like Rite tag, Topsy and to compare the popular usage of hashtags and decide on your own.

Campaign Hashtags

In case of campaign hashtags you can use the ongoing campaign as your hashtag, suppose you are having a restaurant called Mamma’s Kitchen which is going to have a food festival consisting of all sorts of traditional and contemporary recipes and your desire to create awareness in your customers, then you can use hashtag #MKFoodFest which invites people to come and share favorite recipe of their mothers and the lucky ones will get the lucrative prizes from renowned chefs. This will create awareness in the social media enhancing your customer base and sales.

Trending Hashtags

Benefits of using trending hashtags will get you in the limelight for a few seconds, but still you have a chance to get noticed by millions of users worldwide. You can opt for, statigram, Trendsmap to know about the latest hashtags.

Content Hashtags

The content hashtags are the simple hashtags that you use in your content which enhance the SEO rank of your post along with attracting more people towards it. There are product, lifestyle, event and location hashtags, which certainly bring more traffic to your posts.

Hence, you can use these points to play your cards right and make a cut by using hashtags.